Questions and Answers: Beauty Creations Cosmetics


Beauty Creations Cosmetics was founded in 2016 by the innovative Esmeralda Hernandez, alongside the parent company BeBella Cosmetics. As the CEO behind this fantastic new brand, Esmeralda wanted to ensure that there was a market for people looking for top quality makeup at affordable costs. She created Beauty Creations Cosmetics to give everyone a chance to create luxury makeup looks without breaking the bank!

This brand provokes inspiration and passion in the creation of all of their products, and we wanted to answer the top asked questions so that everyone can find out a little more about Beauty Creations Cosmetics!

Is Beauty Creations Cosmetics a cruelty free brand?

All products from Beauty Creations are cruelty free and any further information needed will be clearly labelled.

Are the products vegan?

Many items from this brand are vegan, but we recommend checking the ingredients prior to purchase. Beauty Creations also welcomes customers to email them at if they have any concerns or questions regarding their makeup!

Are the eyeshadows good quality?

Absolutely! Our amazing in-house makeup artist uses the Beauty Creations palettes regularly to create stunning, blendable and highly pigmented eye looks! Check out our Insta page here to see just some of the gorgeous looks created.

Have more questions about the brand? Or want to find out about ordering them online? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help!

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