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Gerard Cosmetics may have only started back in 2014, but in that short time it has boomed in the makeup industry and has become known across the world for its luxurious and fantastic quality products. Based in LA, GC puts the emphasis on colour, performance and vibrancy in every product they make, to ensure the best of the best is available for your makeup routine.

We researched the top asked questions about this brand and put together the answers you need in a blog post so you can find everything you need to know right here!

Is Gerard Cosmetics cruelty free?

It is! Gerard Cosmetics have confirmed they are a cruelty free brand, and do not test finished products or any ingredients that they use on animals. Their products are not sold in China where animal testing is required by law.

Is Gerard Cosmetics a vegan brand?

While Gerard Cosmetics is not an entirely vegan brand, they do offer options for their customers, such as their lip glosses. They do not currently have a vegan product list but reaching out to the company’s customer service can be helpful in determining if a product you want is vegan or not!

Is the brand sold in stores?

Gerard Cosmetics is predominantly sold in stores across the US, but the good news is you can also shop the brand right here today. You can shop online at Beauty Pod to pick up some of your favourite products, and receive free delivery on orders over €25!

Is Gerard Cosmetics a high-end brand?

Gerard Cosmetics prides itself in producing luxurious quality products, while maintaining an affordable price. They ensure high quality packaging, ingredients and finished products every time.

Is the Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick formula good?

Yes yes yes! The Hydra Matte formula is comfortable, long wearing and hydrating which means it won’t dry out your lips. It is definitely a favourite go-to liquid lip for us!

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