Questions and Answers: LA Girl Cosmetics

In 1985 in Rancho Cucamonga, California, LA Girl Cosmetics was born from their parent company Beauty 21 Cosmetics. For over 30 years, the philosophy of the brand has stood strong and they take pride in offering on-trend, innovative, and amazing quality products. Whether you’ve been a makeup lover for years, or just beginning in the industry, LA Girl has everything you need at affordable prices.

We found some of the top asked questions about LA Girl Cosmetics and answered them all for you below!


Is LA Girl Cosmetics cruelty free?

Yes! LA Girl Cosmetics are proud, certified members of PETA, and do not test any product on animals at any stage during production. In addition to this, they do not sell their products anywhere where animal testing is required by law.

Is LA Girl a vegan brand?

LA Girl is not a 100% vegan brand as some products do contain beeswax, but they do sell some products that are vegan. Click here to view a list of products that contain no animal-derived ingredients.

Is LA Girl a good brand to use?

Don’t be fooled by the great, affordable prices from LA Girl Cosmetics! They continue to ensure top quality products time after time no matter what and have become a go-to brand for professional makeup artists and makeup lovers alike.

Should I use the colour correcting Pro Concealers?

Colour correcting is a great makeup trick used for concealing and correcting different skin issues and skin tones. Different shades of the LA Girl colour correcting Pro Concealers are used for different issues:

Green: Can be blended to cancel out redness. Ideal for anyone with rosacea, acne, acne scars etc.

Peach or Orange: Blended to cancel out blue. Use it to correct undereye circles, bags or veins.

Lavender or Purple: Cancels out any yellowness or yellow tone on your skin. Use the LA Girl yellow concealer it to brighten dull or sallow complexion.

Are LA Girl and LA Colors cosmetics the same brand?

No, they are separate brands, but they are owned by the same parent company Beauty 21 Cosmetics. Each brand offers a number of different products and at Beauty Pod, we sell some of the best LA Girl Cosmetics makeup around, so why not shop online today!

Where can I buy it? Is LA Girl Cosmetics online?

Yes, you can shop a range of the amazing makeup products online at Beauty Pod today! Grab your favourite items and receive free delivery on orders over €25.


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